Customised 1-To-1 Centre- And Home-based ABA-VB Therapy In Singapore

We provide high-quality, centre- and home-based ABA-VB therapy services for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental delays.

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Choose ABA-VB Therapy At Your Home, At Our Centre Or Both

Programme Names:

Parents can choose between:

  1. One-to-One ABA-VB Therapy Centre-based Sessions
  2. One-to-One ABA-VB Therapy Home-based Sessions


15 months to 15 years


Autism Recovery Network (ARN)’s signature 1-to-1 programme uses an advanced and effective form of Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) called Verbal Behaviour (ABA-VB) to teach children with ASD at homes, nurseries and schools.

This special type of therapy focuses on helping your child attain the crucial communications skills they need and upon which all other learning is based. Rather than relying on pure repetition in a meaningless context, ABA-VB incentivises your child to make meaningful communication based on their real wants and needs in social situations.

Our individualised programmes are designed to arm your child with the skills required by neurotypical children when entering mainstream primary school education. The attainment of these skills are tracked, recorded and reinforced on a weekly basis. This programme does not require an official diagnosis to start.

Why Choose This Programme?

Regular, Intensive Therapy Gets the Best Results

It is proven through clinical studies that children that undergo regular, intensive ABA-VB therapy of no less than 15 hours a week have the best outcomes. You can elect to have your child attend centre-based sessions and sessions in your home, or a combination of both.

Supervisory Evaluations

Supervisor Evaluations held at agreed intervals are included in selected programmes. These evaluations are essential for our supervisor to assess your child’s progress and make any needed changed so your child continues to progress to plan.

Which of the following are you looking for?

Centre-based Sessions

Centre-based sessions are ideal for more outgoing children and those needing to learn the social skills for play and school that they can’t pick up at home.

2-hour per session
3-hour per session
6-hour per session

Home-based Sessions

Home-based sessions are recommended in the early stages of therapy so that your child can become comfortable with the therapy and make progress in their own time in an environment they are familiar with.

2-hour per session
3-hour per session
6-hour per session

Ask Us about the Package Right for Your Child

Packages* are billed in advance every 4 weeks

Centre-based Sessions

Centre 1-1 Package A – 9 hours a week
Centre 1-1 Package B – 12 hours a week
Centre 1-1 Package C – 15 hours a week
Centre 1-1 Package D – 30 hours a week

Home-based Sessions

Home 1-1 Package A – 9 hours a week
Home 1-1 Package B – 12 hours a week
Home 1-1 Package C – 15 hours per week
Home 1-1 Package D – 30 hours per week

*$78 per hour
*All packages inclusive of Consultation, Assessment & Parent Coaching (worth $3297)
*Save up to $7,000 with your Baby Bonus

Watch this video to learn why our 1-to-1 Centre/ Home-based ABA Therapy can benefit your child’s developmental progress.

Frequently Asked Questions About 1 to 1 Centre/ Home Based ABA Therapy in Singapore

This programme is for children diagnosed with special needs and/or developmental delays. It is ideal if you:

  • are looking to fast-track your child’s skills acquisition
  • seek 100% attention from the therapist to prepare your child for mainstream schooling
  • expect maximum results in the shortest time possible with intensive therapy
  • have not had success with other early intervention programmes
  • wish to add ABA to existing early intervention (e.g. Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC))

Over time, you can expect to:

  • Decrease your child’s behavioural issues at home
  • Increase your child’s ability to follow up with ongoing teaching targets
  • Improve your child’s social interaction with loved ones and friends
  • Boost your child’s confidence to learn as they grow older

Free Coaching (worth $3297) For Parents

It is essential that you work with us to support your child’s therapy for optimal results. ABA-VB therapy shouldn’t stop as soon as your child’s session ends. Reinforcing the behaviours we teach in the home is crucial for your child’s ongoing development. We are so passionate about this that we forego the $3297 training fee and enrol parents with children in our programmes in our parent teaching programme for free.

We are the only certified ABA-VB service provider trained and supervised directly by Dr James Partington, Ph.D., BCBA-D. Our therapists help train parents to adopt ABA-VB techniques with their child in the home as part of their natural daily interactions. Throughout the entire therapy, our therapists and staff will continue to work closely with you to modify activities you can do with your child necessary.

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