School Integration Support

Whether your child is enrolling in a mainstream school or a school with SEN (Special Education Needs) support, we are here to help every step of the way.

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School Shadowing

Enrolment in a mainstream school may be a milestone, but for your child, it is simply the beginning of the challenges they will face. Having a school shadowing plan can alleviate your child’s stress and anxiety in adapting to a new school environment and provide on-the-spot coaching for new and unfamiliar social situations.

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6 years old and above


Our School Integration service comprises two options:

  1. School Consultation
  2. Shadow Training

Note: You can request to customise your preferred services by combining the 2 options during your journey with us. We also provide shadowing in kindergartens for children as young as 3 years old.




English, Chinese, Malay / Bahasa Indonesia

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More On Our School Integration Support

Families that intended to identify the best ways to support their child within a mainstream school.

No, we will liaise with the school and prepare the arrangement.

Our consultants will collaborate with school personnel in designing a customised intervention and teaching plan that meets your child’s educational needs and fulfils curriculum objectives. This plan may include school shadowing. 


The initial meetings will involve:

  • communicating your child’s capabilities and weaknesses in a classroom setting
  • creating a plan individualised to your child’s needs
  • meeting with teachers and training them to be able to carry out the decided plan of action
  • regular updates and revisions of the plan based on your child’s progress

A school shadow is a trained therapist who accompanies your child to school and remains with them throughout the day. The therapist can coach your child on how to self-regulate in the school environment, follow daily routines and respond to social situations. The therapist will actively help your child initially as they learn to adjust but will become more of an observer as your child becomes more independent until they are no longer needed.

If your child suddenly starts ‘acting out’ after a smooth transition, they may not be coping with the school work, which may be a source of stress for your child. In this case, our therapists can help coach your child to complete their homework assignments. If needed, they can also provide tutoring, which can help lower your child’s stress level and improve self-regulation.

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