Ready, Set, School!
Early Intervention Programme (EIP)

Our goal is to kickstart your child’s development and equip them with the crucial skills needed to build their foundation towards mainstream schooling.

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What is Ready, Set, School!
Early Intervention Programme (EIP)?

The Ready, Set, School! is an intensive, small-group early intervention preschool programme aimed at children aged between 2 – 6 years at risk of or diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other developmental delays. The programme introduces your child to the classroom environment and the routine of a school setting, and helps them to build up the skills they require to create a strong foundation for learning and socialisation in a mainstream school setting. This programme does not require an official diagnosis to start.

Our Results

ARN 10 out of 10 children show improvement (1)


of our children show improvement after the first month

ARN 10 out of 10 children show improvement (1)


of our children are able to communicate their needs and wants within the first year

ARN 7 out of 10 children transitioned to mainstream school (1)


of our children transition to a mainstream school, and the remaining 20 - 30% transition to a special education school

ARN Programme overview (1)

How does Ready, Set, School! work (Early Intervention)?

Programme Name:

Ready, Set, School!


2 – 6 years*
(*up to 8 years, with a letter of deferment)


Choose between:

  • Mainstream Readiness: 5 classes per week, 3 hour per lesson (Monday to Friday)
  • Intensive Package: 3 classes per week, 3 hours per lesson (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)


  • 9am – 12pm
  • 3pm – 6pm


$38/hour (excluding GST)

  • Mainstream Readiness: 60 hours/month @ $2,280/month
  • Intensive Package: 36 hours/month @ $1,368/month

Note: Package requires signing up for a minimum of 3 months


1 teacher to 3 students in a group setting

Package Overview:

Packages are billed in advance on a monthly basis (4 weeks)

  • Package is inclusive of consultation, assessment & parent coaching (worth S$3,297)
  • Save up to $7,000 with your Baby Bonus!
  • $200 Admission Fee applies
  • Customised Individualised Education Programme (IEP) designed by our Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA)
  • A comprehensive initial assessment followed by regular progress reports
  • Supervision by a Behaviour Analyst
  • Programme Supervision
  • 7-week Parent Training Course (at the start of the programmee)
  • Parent meeting/consultation every end term
  • Does not require an official diagnosis
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Frequently Asked Questions

Early Intervention is the process where parents and professionals intervene in a child’s lack of development with intensive, consistent therapy that is designed to help the child acquire the skills and capabilities to catch up with their typically developing peers.
When your child has a solid foundation to build up important skills in areas of communication and learning from an early age, they will be able to socialise and solve problems independently. This will aid them immensely when they start on the path towards mainstream schooling.

Aligned with the Singapore Ministry of Education’s Nurturing Early Learners Framework, this programme aims to support your child by teaching them how to:

  • Build up their cognitive and perception skills
  • Communicate verbally and play with others
  • Develop social and emotional regulation skills
  • Hone their fine and gross motor skills
  • Learn about adaptive daily living skills (e.g. eating and toileting)

While preparing for mainstream schooling is important, we believe that the children enrolled in the Little Achievers programme should build up a strong foundation before they transition towards preparing for mainstream schooling. To achieve this, we use precision teaching to target and improve the skills that a child might be lacking in.

Precision teaching is a dynamic, evidence-based teaching method that allows for easy tracking of the child’s progress and making any necessary adjustments so that the child continues to learn and acquire skills at a fast pace. It is also extremely effective in ensuring high levels of fluency and generalisation in the child’s acquired skills across different environments and settings.

Our approach of precision teaching is based on our unique Verbal Behaviour (ABA-VB) principles to improve a child’s weaker areas in their cognitive, verbal and social skills.

Each child has their own individualised education plan (IEP) that is adapted towards a group setting. Each plan covers the targeted areas of learning, and will be regularly adjusted according to the child’s progress and development.

We are not only teaching children how to prepare for a school setting, we are also strengthening their ability to retain their acquired skills through intensive practice and positive reinforcement. We will enable your child to make friends, navigate the challenges of a school environment, and set them on the path towards an independent and fulfilling life.

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