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1 to 1 Centre/Home ABA-VB Therapy

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We are the only school in Singapore to offer the unique ABA-VB Therapy Programme delivered on a 1:1 teacher ratio with your child by a therapist trained and certified by Dr Partington, PhD, BCBA-D. This programme is designed so that all participants learn to communicate their wants and needs and most children enter mainstream schooling.

Overseas Programmes

Autism Recovery Network tailored therapy solutions are renowned across Asia. For families who don’t live in the cities where our centres operate, we offer two distinct overseas programme options:

Socialisation Programmes

Optimising your child’s academic skills is of course important, but no more than helping your child learn to socialise within peer groups at play and at school.

We offer age-appropriate programmes that separately teach your child to socialise in play or school settings, depending on their current needs.

School Readiness Programmes

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Moving into mainstream schooling is a big transition for any child, but more so for those with special needs. Our school readiness programmes prepare your child for mainstream schooling in three distinct phases:
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Students Can Come In At Any Stage of Their Journey
Language & Communication
1-1 therapy

Learning the skills they will need

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Socialisation at Play

Learning to interact with their peers

School Preparedness

Getting ready for school environment

Enrol with ARN (1)
Students Can Come In At Any Stage of Their Journey
ARN Shadow Service (1)
School Shadowing

Being in school with them till they adjust

ARN prepares your child for school (1)

Helping with school homework if needed

self help
Socialisation at School

Socialisation skills if they struggle at school

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