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Children's Experience at ARN

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The Most Quality & Effective Therapy in Asia

Our Unique ABA-VB Therapy

Our unique ABA-VB approach emphasises verbal communication rather than the performance of the desired behaviour as seen in ABA.

It aims to demonstrate to the child the value of communicating in words to get their desires met. This makes sense when we observe that children’s initial language use usually serves their desire to obtain something from someone.

Customised & Enjoyable Learning Programme

Our Advanced Assessment Method

Our unique ABA-VB Therapy is based on the foundational science of learning & behavior.

We focus on the analysis of your child’s behavior to help us understand:

  • How and why behaviours happen
  • How the environment can affect a child’s behavior
  • How the learning process takes place

Parent-friendly data & reports on child's development

Easy To Understand ABLLS-R®

ABBLS-R® is a state-of-the-art assessment tool, skills tracking, and curriculum guide that helps guide therapists in their instruction. It provides pivotal information used to customise the learning programmes for children across the ASD spectrum (i.e. language, critical learning skills, social behavior, and many more).

It is particularly in favour due to its parent-friendly nature and the programme’s emphasis on verbal communication while learning from everyday experiences.

Programmes Designed For Long Term Success

Expand Your Perspective & Find Joy

ARN’s goal for your child is to deliver our customized ABA-VB therapy in a way that helps your child become permanently more independent long into their future.

We go beyond the textbook to pique your child’s interest to learn and overcome hurdles. Through play, interactive activities, and visually-engaging lesson materials, we will bring out the best in your child.

In addition, we will also help you develop a new perspective in discovering new knowledge with our free parent training.

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