Occupational Therapy

We specialise in helping children improve their ability to manage and complete tasks.

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A qualified occupational therapist is able to plan a therapeutic programme to help children improve these areas through tasks that can involve music, movement and sensory stimulation. Our partnering occupational therapist is able to carry out programmes in our centre, working collaboratively with our therapists for families wishing to have an integrated therapy experience.

Other areas that can be addressed through occupational therapy include:

  • working memory skills, 
  • visual perception, 
  • emotional management, and 
  • handwriting
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At A Glance


2 years and above


1 hour


1:4 or 1:1


English, Chinese


Occupational Therapy & Speech Therapy

You can now request an arrangement for speech and occupational therapy to accommodate your schedule. This is for parents that wish to reduce commuting time and maximise the effectiveness of our therapy.

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