Google chooses Autism Recovery Network for collaboration

When Google and Cornell University wanted to make a social robot that could help children on the autism spectrum, they sought out many early intervention providers to find the right partner.

After an exhaustive search, they chose Autism Recovery Network because they were impressed by the effectiveness of our ABA-VB therapy and intervention.

We shared our extensive experience with Google’s team about social challenges faced by children with autism and how our therapy helps them learn. As part of our collaboration, we created videos and content for Google & Cornell University to use. We also participated in their beta testing.  

The result is “Blossom,” a social robot that’s soft inside and out. The robot is programmed by machine learning to move and express feelings in response to YouTube content.  

Google’s goal with Blossom is to create a social companion for children with autism capable of displaying emotional reactions and interpreting social situations.

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