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We are a voice for the unvoiced and have earned a reputation over the years as being a trusted authority in the treatment of autism and other developmental delays for the media to tap on. Here are some of our latest features in the news and media in Singapore and in Asia.

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CNA Insider

No miracle cure: Probiotics in treating autism
Nutritional supplements like probiotics are said by some to help manage conditions like autism in children. But experts say there is little scientific basis for the claims, and going overboard could be dangerous.

SINGAPORE: Nicholas Yee took a deep breath, held his nose and swallowed his drink. The 11-year-old boy hurried to the kitchen for water, to help the thick yellow liquid go down.

The small cup contained more than 20 different supplements and vitamins, including flaxseed oil, Vitamin C and several types of probiotics, dissolved and mixed into water to make it easier for Nicholas to swallow. Diagnosed with autism at two, Nicholas goes through the routine twice a day. 

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The Straits Times

Raising awareness of autism can help parents seek early diagnosis, intervention for children: Experts

SINGAPORE – Piano teacher Vanecia Er was at first puzzled, then increasingly anxious, when her three-year-old son had trouble forming words and speaking clearly.

It was only when his pre-school teachers suggested he get assessed at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital that Ms Er found out the signs he displayed – delayed speech, difficulty interacting with his peers, repetitive behaviour like spinning objects – were tell-tale signs of autism.

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The Straits Times

A rewarding career helping children with autism lead productive lives.

Studying psychology has given JCU graduate Aishah Zaini the skills and confidence necessary to help her students with special needs

Volunteering with teenagers and children with special needs when she was a secondary school student led Ms Aishah Zaini to discover her interest in working in the field of mental health and education.

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CNA Insider

‘Why take this kind of person out?’ Amid social stigma of autism, more retailers go for inclusivity
Most Singaporeans hardly need to think twice about going out for leisure, but for carers of people with autism, the thought of it can instil ‘dread’. Can retailers make it easier for them? Some are starting to do so now.

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Ever wondered that, by the time they hit six and dive into school life, the average kiddo has already aced a whopping 544 different skills? However, for our incredible kids with autism, the journey to rocking their unique awesomeness and seamlessly blending into the mainstream can be a bit of a challenge. It’s all about early, super-focused support from the pros to help them shine their brightest. 

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Berita Harian

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