70% of our children enter mainstream school in Singapore successfully

At Autism Recovery Network (ARN), we specialise in helping children with autism, and developmental delays confidently start primary school.

“Can my child with autism go to a mainstream school in Singapore?”

This is a question every parent faces.


It is every parents’ dream for their child to learn in school & we want to be part of turning that dream of yours into reality

We are delighted to introduce our unique Applied Behavior Analysis-Verbal Behavior (ABA-VB) therapy that prepares and helps children with developmental delays (i.e. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)) get ready for school. With a success rate of as high as 70%, our children were able to grasp the foundational skills needed within a school environment.

Here are 6 reasons why a child with developmental delays has a higher success rate in entering mainstream school in Singapore with ARN.


#1. At ARN, we have come a long way to help 7 out of 10 children with autism enter mainstream schooling, and we want to do more.

ARN has provided early intervention services for children since 1994. With centres based in Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia, we have worked with over 3,000+ children across Asia and built a well-established team of over 180 highly-skilled therapists.

Our children’s results after attending our unique ABA-VB therapy:

ARN 10 out of 10 children show improvement (1)
10 out of 10 
children show improvement
ARN 10 out of 10 children show improvement (1)
10 out of 10
children were able to communicate their wants and needs within 1 year
ARN 7 out of 10 children transitioned to mainstream school (1)
7 out of 10 
children eventually transitioned to mainstream school or autism mainstream school in Singapore

#2. Our unique ABA-VB therapy is a progressive and holistic approach to help prepare your child to gradually transition to a mainstream school environment.

Do you often hear from others about “Early intervention”, but you have little idea of what they mean?  

Early intervention means that the younger your child receives the right therapy, the better the desired outcomes are likely to be. This means that even if you are currently awaiting a formal diagnosis, you can make a difference by considering therapy for your child.

#3. We educate parents first.

Choosing the right therapy for your child is crucial because you can’t turn back the time wasted on ineffective therapy.

Parents have to be aware when an autism centre guarantees results with improvement and not evidence-based figures because often, the “improvement” that they proclaim is questionable. A child can start therapy and improve on only one symptom so that they no longer qualify for the disorder. The “improvement” could possibly be a symptom reduction by as little as 1%.

Here are some of the red flags that could indicate that the practices used in an ABA therapy are not being appropriately implemented:

  • It’s not a programme that has been proven by scientific studies to be effective. 
  • The centre does not have an appropriate collection of data to track the child’s behaviors and skill levels to determine the effectiveness of the therapy.
  • There is no consistent supervision from qualified and certified experts for young or inexperienced therapists.
  • There is a lack of an individualised curriculum where the ABA practitioner uses a cookie-cutter approach for all children from 2 to 6-year-olds, regardless of what the child’s individual needs are.
  • There are few or no positive reinforcement techniques.
  • Punishment is being used in therapy. 
  • The programme’s primary focus is to eliminate behaviors that are considered problematic, and there is little emphasis on the development of new skills and behaviors.

If you notice the above red flags, please do not hesitate to switch to our centre as soon as you can.

#4. Our therapy builds your child’s existing skills incrementally rather than trying to impose a strict curriculum.

Studies have shown that children who receive interventions based on the principles of ABA therapy have gains in IQ, language, academic performance, and adaptive behavior. At ARN, we move ahead of the ABA therapy and offer our unique ABA-VB therapy. It is an advanced and effective programme where children can expect to increase their IQ by an average of 24 points. The outcomes and results have been remarkably better than children with developmental delays who receive low-intensity therapy or no therapy. Learn more about our unique style of ABA-VB therapy here.

#5. Merchants strive for profit. We strive to achieve consistent breakthroughs.

Quality has always been our core priority. From the curriculum of our programmes, therapists’ training, and even down to the facilities that we use at our centre, we consult and work closely with experts to ensure that everything we do benefits our children.

At ARN, we are constantly developing and evaluating cutting edge behavioral approaches that make fundamental differences in the lives of children with developmental delays. This means that you can be assured that our curriculum is updated. 

#6. Our accurate assessment eliminates the guessing

The ABLLS-R® (Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills- Revised) is an advanced and effective scientific assessment tool that researchers use to measure 544 skills that average 2-year-old children typically master before starting kindergarten. It is not only used by therapists but also by many autism mainstream schools and special needs schools around the world to tailor an education roadmap for a child. ARN is the only autism centre in Singapore trained to use the ABLLS system by its founder/author, Dr James Partington, BCBA., Ph.D.-D, to pinpoint children’s development in the 25 skill categories of a child.


What parents can do today

Children (from 0 – 6 yrs) recommended by their paediatricians to receive the Early Intervention Programme in Singapore are welcome to apply for our ABLLS-R assessment** and receive financial subsidies from the baby bonus scheme*.

*To find out if you are eligible for the baby bonus, speak to our friendly officers and click here to get in touch with us. We are happy to assist.

**Currently, parents can receive a 20% discount for the ABLLS-R assessment if you click on the button below to complete your pre-assessment questionnaire.

Why ARN is the top choice in helping your child with Autism enter a mainstream school in Singapore?

“Because we are a group of passionate and compassionate professionals that are driven by the mission of helping more children and families live a better and happier life every day.”

We do not just prepare children for school. We prepare them for life.

Behavior Planning (1)
Proven Methodology
49 Years of Experience

Our established track record makes us a trusted provider of early intervention services and the recipient of many awards and accolades over the years.

Large Well-Trained Team
over 180 Qualified Therapists

Supported by leading experts in the field, we provide children with a high quality of therapy that stands up to international standards in clinical intervention.

Magnifying Glass with Data

Advanced Scientific Approach

Constantly Updated Methodology

Our in-depth analysis of therapy data allows us to collaborate with researchers to discover innovative ways to continuously enhance our teaching methods.

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