6 Differentiating Factors Of ARN’s Intensive ABA-VB Therapy Method

Only available at ARN, our unique ABA-VB therapy techniques are close to impossible for other autism centres in Singapore to replicate. Here are our top 6 differentiating factors.

#1. Our Intensive ABA-VB Therapy Is Fundamentally Different

At ARN, we employ the child’s own motivation and interests in a curriculum that is dynamic and not repetitive. We also enable children to understand speech effectively and encourage functional communication through our intensive ABA-VB therapy.

#2. We take the utmost pride in our unique ABA-VB Therapy Techniques, Our Methodology, Our Approach

Some autism centres in Singapore that offer ABA-VB therapy proclaim that their therapists have been trained by Dr James Partington, Ph.D., BCBA-D, the founder of ABA-VB therapy. The truth is their ABA-VB therapy is outdated and will never catch up with the quality of our unique ABA-VB therapy. At ARN, we’re the only ABA-VB service provider endorsed by Dr James Partington.


#3. We let our awards help our unique ABA-VB therapy shine for us.

Rather than convincing you that our unique ABA-VB therapy is effective, the awards and recognitions we receive say it all. At ARN, we’re the most awarded centre in Singapore and Asia in many aspects. From the quality of our unique ABA-VB approach, services, programmes, centre facilities to the training for our therapists, we have attracted thousands of parents, researchers, experts, school institutions, and other autism organisations worldwide that want to work with us. We are currently collaborating with some of the most prominent organisations globally, such as Google, Cornell University and the National University of Singapore.

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#4. Our major differentiating factor of our unique ABA-VB Approach is that we’re always getting better at what we do

At ARN, we have evolved our unique ABA-VB approach tremendously year after year. The revaluation of advances, programmes and the ABA-VB approaches we use to help children with autism never stops. Because we’re constantly getting better at what we do, it makes ARN an exciting place to work at.  

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#5. You can never find the same ABA-VB approaches & techniques we use, anywhere else in Singapore

Even though all ABA complies with the same principles, not all ABA therapy techniques and approaches are alike. In short, all ABA therapy techniques are developed differently, and so are ours. At ARN, we combine our unique ABA-VB approach with a comprehensive assessment tool called ABLLS-R® (WebABLLS).

We believe that one comprehensive assessment is key as opposed to using more than one tool to generate many results and then figuring it out by piecing the results together, like a crossword puzzle. ABLLS-R is simply a single tool that provides an all-inclusive review of the basic to advanced skills that the child needs to learn effectively. This practical tool is also for parents to easily understand their child’s progress.


#6. Our unique ABA therapy approach is constantly updated with the intention to help children reach their fullest potential in the shortest possible time.

We are honoured to have the support and endorsement of Dr. James Partington, Ph.D., BCBA-D, the leading expert in ABA-VB and the creator of the ABLLS-R assessment tool. Dr. Partington personally trains our staff in the constantly evolving methodology of ABA-VB in order to deliver an updated curriculum to the children in our care.

No other autism centre in Singapore puts as much resources into staff training than we do. At ARN, quality is our top priority, and we do not settle for anything less than the best.

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We achieve the best possible outcome for the children we work with at ARN. The uniqueness of our unique ABA-VB comes in many forms. One of the biggest benefits of ABA-VB is that it can address challenging behaviors. Regardless of the different intensity of the child’s level of challenging behaviors, we can customise the programme according to each and every child’s needs.

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