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ARN first started back in 1994 to help children with autism, a vastly under-served population in Asia at the time.

With very few therapy centres in the region dedicated to helping these children, hundreds of thousands were being left disadvantaged, unable to cope in mainstream schooling, labelled as slow rather than being accepted for their differences, struggling to fit in and facing a bleak future.

The Only BACB(ACE) Certified ABA Centre In Southeast Asia.

We have the highest rate of recovery and mainstreaming in Asia. Here’s what makes us better than other therapy centres:

  1. Our intensive training and continuous support
    • Unlike other centres, we provide our staff with intensive and comprehensive training with continuous support to become effective in ABA.
    • No one else in our industry spends the amount of money, time, and effort to train our staff to become and remain the best in the industry.
  2. Our in-depth experience and expertise
    • We possess an in-depth understanding of behavioural principles with expert supervision applying these behavioural methods.
    • Collectively, we possess more experience and expertise in treating autism than any other centre in Asia.
  3. Our unflagging passion and commitment
    • We acknowledge that cost and price should not be the driving factor behind an effective treatment, but quality, passion and commitment.
Autism Recovery Network Singapore

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