We're more than just Special Needs Teachers in Singapore. We’re Asia’s Most Qualified Therapists!

Our training is designed to achieve the outcome of a higher recovery rate for children with autism and other developmental delays.

Commonly known as Special Needs Teachers in Singapore, our ABA therapists are professionally trained regularly.

With a wealth of experience in behavioural intervention and early learning programmes, we have a team of more than 180 qualified behaviour therapists and psychologists worldwide. Each of them has completed at least 400 hours of training before taking on any unsupervised therapy work with our children. 

Watch the video to learn why parents from all over the world only choose the Applied Behavior Analysis-Verbal Behavior (ABA-VB) therapy that Autism Recovery Network (ARN) provides.

At ARN, Our Therapists Attend The Best ABA Training In Asia, And The Duration Of Our Training Is Longer And More Holistic Than Anyone Else’s.

training with Dr James Partington

We are very proud of the low turnover in our team, which translates into a consistent and stable learning environment in which your child can thrive and establish a personal connection with familiar faces. Keen on people-oriented values, our staff are some of the most qualified and caring therapists in the field.

Our Staff Training Policy — Continuous training is our code of professionalism. Before being assigned to their first case, all therapists go through our systematic ABA-VA training programme as well as monthly training in Social Thinking®, shadow teaching and self-help skills.

We are extremely strict about the quality of our training

Phase 1
Professional Experience

It is a mandatory requirement that all applicants provide relevant certificates (i.e. psychology of early childhood/ special education).

Phase 6
Continuous Training

Regular training, and seminars are conducted exclusively by founder of our ABA-VB approach, Dr James Partington, Ph.D., BCBA-D.

Phase 2
Intense Screening

Applicants must also complete a comprehensive personality test and face-to-face meetings to ensure they are suitable for being a therapist.

Phase 5
Supervision & Evaluation

Successful candidates will be supervised by a highly qualified supervisor for quality assurance.

Phase 4
BCBA or RBT Test

We will work with the applicants to pass the BCBA & Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) exams.

Phase 3
Background Checks

We will go through interviews with the applicant's past references to ensure that the personality test results are accurate.

Our Leaders

Dino Trakakis


Dr James Partington

Ph.D., BCBA-D, Training & Programming Director

Our Team Head & Supervisors Who Will Take Care Of Your Family's Needs

Joan's Profile At ARN

Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

With more than 10 years of experience working with children with autism and other developmental delays, Joan was inspired to help families with special needs children after watching her brother, who has autism, struggle through life without professional intervention services. Joan holds a master’s degree in science, majoring in ABA and autism, from the Sage Colleges, and is one of our board-certified behavior analysts (BCBA), creating individualised programmes for the children under our care. Her compassion and kindness knows no bounds, Joan treats every child as if they are her own. And just like any parent who wants the best for their child, she is driven to open the door towards a better future for the children who come to ARN.

Berlinda profile (1)

Programme Supervisor, Head of Training,
BS Phys Therapy, RBT

Belinda has acquired over 21 years of experience and expertise working with children diagnosed with ASD and other developmental disabilities. She trains staff and supervises therapists to ensure the highest possible programme quality. Driven by her ardent desire to help more children succeed in life, Berlinda frequently conducts precise assessments, creates individualised education plans (IEPs), and provides parent training to create the optimal programme to nurture and develop each child’s talents to the fullest. She also flies overseas to help parents and their children in overseas consultations.

Our Passionate team wants to help your child

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Our highly skilled and experienced therapists receive extensive support from us to perform their duties confidently and with passion.

Training Never Stops

Aside from guided hands-on learning, all therapists are required to attend monthly training, which comes in the form of lectures, workshops and seminars with a heavy emphasis on case studies, role-play, case observations, videos and evaluations. On top of that, Dr James Partington, PhD, BCBA-D, also visits frequently to provide direct staff training on the latest updates of our unique ABA-VB programme.

Hyper Focused Behaviour Skills Training

We use evidence-based procedures for all our training. Our therapists will not be able to advance further until they are able to show their supervisors that they can implement the learning outcome perfectly.

Intensive supervision

With over 400 hours of onboarding training, our therapists’ expertise development doesn’t just stop in their first year. They have to undergo another 200 hours of supervision on a yearly basis from their second year onwards. The two main focuses are on the progress of each child and the level of quality the therapist provides for their evaluation.

Performance Evaluation

We value our staff and their personal development. From time to time, we will formally evaluate our therapists’ performance by giving them feedback and reviews on areas of a job well done and room for improvement. Some aspects that are being monitored include the therapist’s knowledge, leadership capabilities, work attitude, communication skills and organisation skills.

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