Have A Sneak Peek Inside Our Autism-friendly Classroom Setup

With non-toxic paint and child-friendly furniture, our therapy centre is the most ideal place to accelerate your child’s learning process in a fun and meaningful way.

Our classroom set-up is suitable for children on the autism spectrum and with other developmental delays.

There’s a growing topic among experts that children with autism may improve their academic performance and social skills in specially designed autism-supportive classrooms. We believe that even the little changes can significantly affect our children. Therefore, we take the utmost pride and care in our facilities and the environment that we provide.

Benefits of an Autism-friendly Classroom Setup

Increased Sensory Comfort

Helps children to easily ignore background noises & not be distracted during sessions.

Positive Emotional Response

Helps children to reduce frustrations, lessen negative reactions & enhance better moods.

Enhanced Performance

Helps children to be more interested in learning, finish tasks on their own, and be more focused.

Improved Social Skills

Our specially designed toys and materials encourages children to interact with their peers.

How we set up our Autism centre

ARN classrooms

Classroom layout

Our autism-friendly classroom is designed with a bigger open space for children to learn, play, read, rest and more.

ARN autism friendly classroom (1)

Children's learning space

Before lessons, we will set up our classroom with individualised physical space for each child and ensure that all children are slightly separated from each other. The purpose is to minimise distractions as each child can’t see what other children are doing from the front or at the side.

ARN autism friendly classroom calm down area

Calm Down Area

A calm down area is a cosy corner that is not easily seen by other children. The purpose is for an overly excited, nervous or frustrated child to sit or lie down as they calm down before continuing the scheduled activities.

Staff Room

A separate staff room is essential as we want to have as little clutter and noise that might upset our children. Our staff room enables our teachers/ therapists to leave their personal belongings, mobile phones, learning resources and materials out of the children’s sight to maximise our efforts in reducing distractions.

Have a tour at our centre

Ultimately, your child will be spending a lot of time in a classroom, and we want to ensure that your child is learning in a well-supportive classroom. You can book an appointment to tour our centre and see how our classroom is optimised to help your child learn and develop comfortably.

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