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  • Your child needs to master 544 separate skills before they enter primary school.
  • Our proven WebABLLS method tracks, in a highly visual and easy-to-understand way, your child’s mastery of each skill as it happens.
  • You receive this visual report on a frequent basis so you can see where skills have been acquired and exactly where your child is on their learning journey


Some Of The 544 Skills Your Child Will Learn

Meet Dr James Partington

Founder of ABA-VB therapy, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Dr James Partington oversees and steers the application and advancement of the ABA-VB methodology in our curriculum development and is the founder of the popular assessment tool ABLLS-R® (WebABLLS), which helps us track and fill the gaps in your child’s learning and abilities.

ARN has been pioneering the world’s best Autism Therapies in the Asia Region since 1994 and has been serving the needs of Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and other surrounding countries with effective, proven and customised ABA-VB programmes.

Why Autism Recovery Network

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Our programmes are uniquely tailored to every child and progress is tracked and the programme adjusted for continual development. We have successfully helped more than 3,000 children over 17+ years

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The Only BACB(ACE) Certified ABA Centre In Southeast Asia.

Proudly BACB Certified

Parent Partnership

We provide a support network for parents and parent training so that our therapy treatments can continue in the home. Families relocate for our services, and if they can't, we travel internationally to them.

Thought Leader

When global stakeholders like Google, Cornell University and National University of Singapore (NUS) needed industry opinion and advise they recognized ARN's thought leadership Google

Years of Success
7 +
Successful Outcomes​
2990 +
Years of Proven Methodology
35 +

Special thanks to all the supportive parents of ARN that step up to share their stories and give encouraging advice to other parents like you.

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Rainnie NguyenRainnie Nguyen
04:02 01 Jun 24
Teachers are kind, caring and very supportive. Thank you so much 😊
Helli BHelli B
02:51 27 May 24
Thank you for Dino and his amazing staff. My daughter's improvement has been nothing less than amazing..and Dino has been very patient as well& understanding with the hurdles I had throughout the process of registering& keeping my daughter at school. I will recommend every parents to choose this place.. don't waste your effort& money to go other places- put ur child here- and you can see them blooming right in front of your eyes .
HuiPing SiaHuiPing Sia
09:43 25 May 24
Sent my kids for social emotional intelligence development. The center offers very good topics, social thinking skills which are vital for the survival of our children in a competitive and diversed society. The current generation obviously are less obedient as our generation, sometimes aggravated social media influence. These rights or wrongs can be better emphasized thru external and home teachings.The teachers are extremely patient, caring, and professional. I will normally email my observation of my children’s bad habit which we would highlight to teachers so that they can incorporate excellent reminders, examples and questions into their teaching materials or topics. Thank you to the wonderful teachers!
Donny SohDonny Soh
02:00 17 May 24
They will take very good care of your child and has your child's well being at heart.
Aye ThandaAye Thanda
05:50 04 Apr 24
All the center is not for every-child as we found as parents. We sent our son to 2 special schools before ARN within a year and a half ago since we moved to Singapore. Things weren’t what we expected but encountered rejection and anxiety instead.It has been 3 months that our child has been attending in ARN. Within first two months, he established minimal verbal communication from zero. We now can set a goal for our son to get to be a better child. It’s a worth spend which we can’t deny. Thank you, ARN team 🙏💐
Liyah AjisLiyah Ajis
15:42 21 Mar 24
My daughter started attending ABA-VB therapy in Autism Recovery Network for 2.5 years after her initial ASD diagnosis. She was non verbal with poor social skills and we were glad to find a therapy that works really well for her. She always look forward to attending her weekly classes & excel tremendously with the help of the therapists and supervisors. I've noticed such huge improvement especially on her speech. She can read really well and do work independently. We were so grateful for all the therapists support. Thank you for being ever so patient and glad we had crossed path. Cheers.
Noraini Md YusopeNoraini Md Yusope
22:56 06 Jan 24
We are very pleased with ARN. Our child has shown great improvements in seating tolerance, from just 5 minutes of seating to being able to do table top activities for long. We took up ABA VB therapy for our child. We thank everyone in ARN and especially the therapists and supervisor for always providing support to our child and dedicated to helping our Child improve. Thumbs up.
Lynda LeeLynda Lee
10:22 02 Jan 24
I am really thankful to the staff, therapist and teachers in this centre.. they're all truly qualified and they indeed have a loving heart to teach and children who's in their hand.. their loves and cares are truly from their heart. My grandson had been with them for only 1yr and 5mths but have already improved tremendously.. and he enjoy every lessons and always looking forward to attend the class.. thank you ARN for being so patience to him and have been teaching him well. 👍🤞😊
Darren ChanDarren Chan
09:16 28 Nov 23
Very recommended place for child diagnose with ASD. My Son have improved much in 1 year. Thanks Teacher El and all Therapists for helping my Son.
Arpita ParidaArpita Parida
11:06 11 Sep 23
We have been with ARN for more than 3 years. when our daughter was diagnosed with ASD we made an appointment with ARN for the initial assessment. The supervisor Ms Bel took some time and told us how they could help our daughter, which was very reassuring. ARN has good and experienced therapists who helped our daughter be non-verbal to verbal, from being non-compliant to following instructions with ease. ARN conducts regular supervisory visits helps us to track the progress and creates avenues to challenge her in her learning. Overall, ARN has an ABA-VB program which helped our daughter to comprehend and understand things. Thank you ARN.
03:46 06 Sep 23
It has been a fruitful journey with ARN. Julian has made remarkable progress within a short span. He is able to sit down and focus for longer periods and has even progressed to being able to spell the names of some of his favourite animals. His therapist Ms. Ashey and supervisor Ms. Cherry are passionate about their jobs and have shown their dedication and love for children. It takes a whole village to raise a child and Julian is very fortunate to have ARN in his circle.
Natashaim KhanNatashaim Khan
09:15 29 Aug 23
I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the entire team at the ARN Intervention Centre for the exceptional care, dedication, and effort you have put into helping my niece thrive. The progress she has achieved is a testament to your expertise and commitment. Although we are here for only a short period (due to unforeseen circumstances), there was tremendous improvement in her. My niece is nonverbal, yet in a span of less than 6 months she has learned several non verbal cues that helps a lot in her communication with us at home. Hopefully, we have the means to come back to you guys soon as I am sure that my niece will learn a lot here.
Faye Michelle TingFaye Michelle Ting
15:27 28 Jul 23
It has been a very productive 3 months being with ARN. We have seen great improvements on our son's behaviour. We affirm his teacher in showing her passion on teaching him with patience and with love. We are deeply and immensely grateful for all the help that ARN has given us. I commend all the staff and supervisor for making us hopeful that our son will be able to become independent. Thank you, ARN! God bless you more and guide you in teaching and helping kids with special needs.
Dexter BasilanDexter Basilan
05:19 26 Jul 23
We've tried many centres before for our daughter's therapy who is having difficulty communicating, focus and not even calling us mom or dad which is totally our biggest struggle. Only ARN made that big impact to our daughter who is now calling us mom and dad which at first really made us teary eyed. She even can focus now on tasks given to her and we can actually talk to her with response. What's even surprising is she's always happy to go to ARN and enjoys the way they help her improve more. Thanks to Mr. Dino and his great team!
Sheena YeeSheena Yee
12:48 25 Jul 23
Just want to say thank you to ARN and their team for their warm hospitality. I enroll my son with them for 3mths and I see improvement and growth in his social skills and reading efficiency in a short time.Their program is carefully tailored to meet the needs of my son learning skills. The teachers there are very caring and accountable so even if he misses a lesson or if his main teacher can't attend the lesson, the backup teacher can easily step in and continue with what he had learn previously without any issues.The therapy centre is very accommodating and thoughtful to my schedule and doesn't coerced me to enroll in extra program for my child except what is needed based on their observation of my child.I am very happy with the way the team work to help my child and would come back again if my son had any specific behavior issue to work on as they deliver results in good time. Thank you once again for helping Daniel! He had a good time here!
el ongel ong
03:47 11 Jul 23
My son started with ARN when he was 3 years old, he was less verbal and has a lot behaviour issues. I was devastated as i am worried he wont be able to go to mainstream school. Thanks to ARN team he started to talk within his first 3 months session, they guide us how to check our son milestones through their parents training, allowing me to sit in during the session so i can learn from the therapist. He just did his IQ test and he did well! I can not believe it how far he come since 2 years ago! I am truly grateful for your team help and support!
Bote Bote KPPABote Bote KPPA
07:13 04 Mar 23
I would like to thank Dino, Christina, Teacher Bel and the therapists in ARN for their great efforts. My son was at ARN for ABA therapy for the past 4 years. Thanks to the patient therapists and their professionalism, my son had improved so much in behaviour and attention!
cm limcm lim
06:11 02 Dec 22
My son facing difficulty in social activities, emotion control, and focusing on his study. After enrolling in the group and individual programs, we could see a huge improvement in him.Thank you to ARN team for their support and help towards my son. He is well prepared for his next journey in Mainstream education.
Surya Pratap SinghSurya Pratap Singh
13:03 29 Nov 22
My daughter was diagnosed with Autism at very early stage at her 2.5yrs of age. We were looking for the best and affordable therapy center in Singapore, its then we came across ARN center. Since then, my daughter has been taking therapy at the ARN center. She is 11 yrs of age now and I must say she has come across longgg and very memorable journey with multiple therapists at ARN center. ARN has great experience in dealing with multiple types of issues and therapists are really expert and cooperating. We have memorable and emotional bond with ARN center.
mohd nasir sawalmohd nasir sawal
22:18 23 Nov 22
My son has difficulty in managing his emotions. After enrolling him to ARN, we could see an improvement in him. He is able to regulate himself better most of the time now.For each session, we were being updated verbally and through the communication book. We were able to understand better how each session went.Thank you to Teacher Shereen and Ms Bel for their patience and support towards my son. The advises and suggestions that they gave, had guided us in helping our son to better manage his emotions.
Nguyen Anh TuanNguyen Anh Tuan
02:49 23 Oct 22
My kid has been with ARN for exactly 3 years from 4 years old to 7 years old. We did a lot of research and eventually chose to settle down with ARN, thanks to a friend's recommendation. Looking back, this is the best decision that we have made for our daughter. The quality of teaching is impressive. We were skeptical at the beginning but seeing the tremendous progress in the next few months made us feel very comfortable with our choice. We felt like she was so much different after her time with the school, she started talking more, expressing her opinion and started showing eye contact. Through the teacher conversation, we also understood more how should we interact with her. For a specific example, teach Bel made a comment that she needs to be a bit more competitive so that she can cope well with the school environment. Soon, few weeks after, she is obsessed with winning and always like to convert everything into win/lose game. She was also show happiness after she completed the homework. So, it is a bit of mystery how they managed to incept this kind of attitude and value into kids. The understanding of kid behaviour and psychology must be outstanding.Comparing with what our friends shared, we feel that we are lucky to experience such a noticeable transform we have with ARN. The actual outcome may depend on the teacher you get but I think they have many good supervisors who can create effective programs. If budget is not a concern (btw, they are not expensive compared to other EIP options that we shortlisted), I think it is a very good school to consider.

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At ARN, we help you build a treasure trove of resources on autism and other developmental delays, with simplified infographics, tables and videos that you can easily understand. Here’s a bird’s eye view of what’s going to happen when you work with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Autism Centres In Singapore

Here are some signs that your child may be on the spectrum:

  • Delayed language skills
  • Delayed movement skills
  • Delayed cognitive or learning skills
  • Hyperactive, impulsive, and/or inattentive behaviour
  • Epilepsy or seizure disorder
  • Unusual eating and sleeping habits
  • Gastrointestinal issues (e.g., constipation)
  • Unusual mood or emotional reactions
  • Anxiety, stress, or excessive worry
  • Lack of fear or more fear than expected

The sooner you have a diagnosis, the more you can do for your child. Click here to claim your free Assessment (worth $297) now.

The first thing you can do is find a reliable autism centre that is confident and determined to help your child recover. ARN employs a highly effective and proven therapy that has helped over 3,000 children in Asia. It works because the focus is on communication – the sole ability that will determine your child’s success in everything else they do in life.

Next, let us help you choose the right intensive therapy that will determine how well your child will: 

  • learn to communicate, 
  • make friends, 
  • manage in a mainstream school
  • cope with social environments and function independently in life.

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100% of our children can communicate their needs and wants, while 70% of our children enter mainstream schooling. We are confident to equip your child with life, social and academic skills through our proven effective Verbal Behaviour therapy.

Research has shown that academic, gross motor and social skills can be taught with our holistic ABA-VB therapy. Some children who start before 2 years of age and undergo 20 to 40 hours of sessions every week display no symptoms of autism by the time they finish their therapy. Your child can be our next success story.

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Beware of centres that promise that you can see results in as little as a month. These promises are often marketing techniques.

The degree to which a child with autism or other developmental delays is helped depends on several factors. The earlier you start and the more frequent the therapy sessions, the faster and more significant the progress. Therapy should start even without having your child receive a formal diagnosis.

As soon as you suspect or feel unease about your child’s behaviour, click here to take your free assessment right now and do not delay any further. We’ve helped children as young as 9 months because parents know the urgency of this matter.

Yes, you have the choice of either, or a combination of both. Here is some information to help you determine which option is best suited for your child.

  • Centre-based learning allows your child to learn the art of socialising with their peers, getting used to a classroom environment and preparing for mainstream schooling.
  • Home-based therapy allows your child to settle into therapy sessions in a familiar environment before centre-based sessions are introduced.

Verbal Behaviour is the most advanced and effective ABA treatment method. Our dynamic ABA-VB Therapy reinforces communication skills and allows your child to quickly pick up speech and appropriate behaviour. You can click here to find out more about our unique style of ABA-VB therapy.

Parents want to work with ARN as we are the only certified ABA-VB provider and the most awarded autism centre in Asia. Read our press releases here. 

Our dedicated and skilled therapists were trained directly by Dr James Partington, Ph.D., BCBA-D, one of the world’s most well-known and respected behaviour analysts. He is the BCBA who trains other BCBAs. Click here to join 3,000+ parents that have chosen to work with the Autism Centre in Singapore.

Yes, you can still prepare your child for mainstream schooling, and early intervention is key. We offer the highest rate of recovery and entry into mainstream schools in Southeast Asia and will help you pave the way for your child’s future together, one step at a time.

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Each year, ARN attains remarkable achievements and results for our children. We have embraced our love of continuous improvement of our unique ABA-VB programme to help our children become world-ready students and upstanding members of society.

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