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Here at the Autism Recovery Network, we believe your child deserves the best.
We understand that every child is different, therefore our education programmes are designed such that it will provide significant learning opportunities and confer important benefits based on the child’s abilities. With the right learning opportunities and recovery programmes, we can maximise their potential and quality of life.
Autism Recovery Network is the leading Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) service provider in Asia for children with autistic spectrum disorders. We have been providing quality treatment programs in Hong Kong and Singapore since 2005.
We are the only ABA service provider in Asia to:
• Provide the latest and most effective form of ABA, Verbal Behavior ABA
• Be trained directly by Dr. James Partington, a world-renowned expert with Verbal Behavior ABA
• Be trained in Social Thinking®
• Be a member of the Global Autism Alliance
We offer a range of ABA-VB (Applied Behavior Analysis using the Verbal Behavior approach) and Social Thinking® programs based on the behavioral analysis of language by B. F. Skinner.
No single teaching approach is suitable for every child or even the same child over the course of their development (Volkmar, Lord, Bailey, Schultz & Klin, 2004). In working towards recovery, Autism Recovery Network integrates a number of coaching strategies:
• Discrete trial training
• Natural environment teaching
• Verbal Behavior programming
• Social cognition training
• Play intervention (through integrated play groups)
Note to Parents
We find that hope is something that all parents of children with autism seek when the life they have planned for their child changes drastically in front of their eyes. We are here to help. We work closely with parents to ensure that they understand their child’s needs and how to best support them to be successful.

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