Every child deserves a chance to succeed in life and achieve their highest potential. For children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, learning disabilities, communication problems, developmental delays and ADHD, more specialized help is required in their education.

As part of our integrated approach toward recovery, Autism Recovery Network applies the principles and methods based on the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to the development of individualized treatment plans.

A creative and experienced team of Consultants, Supervisors, Senior Behavior Therapists and Behavior Therapists work hand-in-hand with parents to achieve lasting educational and behavioral breakthroughs. Highly experienced Speech Therapists compliment our behavioural therapy, while our full-time BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) senior therapist helps to ensure high quality services. Truly a partnership that you can count on.

Our staff at ARN are trained by Dr. James Partington, a leading expert in the ABA-VB program. He has been specializing in autism treatments for children since 1972 and has provided extensive training for our offices in Hong Kong and Singapore. Here’s what Dr. Partington has to say about our team at ARN.


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